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The onset or progression of a disability can be overwhelming for both you and your family. You may be lacking the support, knowledge, and planning strategies essential to navigating your journey. Exploring appropriate services and resources can be both confusing and frustrating. There is hope! As your advocate, I focus on addressing your goals and helping you achieve healthy outcomes. Having a well defined roadmap will reduce your stress and provide clearer direction for your path.

Assist the aging and special needs population in preserving and building decision-making abilities, independence and control of their lives. 

  • Conduct all business activities and relationships with integrity and transparency.



  • Validate appreciation for people with various disabilities from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


  • Demonstrate empathy, understanding, patience, and affirmation.


  • Encourage individual choice, control, responsibility, and independence at home and in the community.


At Disability Consulting Solutions,  I help alleviate your concerns by carefully listening to the issues that are important to you and discussing strategies to resolve them.  Together, we evaluate and explore available options that will provide you with greater hope and peace of mind.


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