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Meet David

I have spent over 30 years working with people living with cognitive and physical impairments. I help provide 

direction, support, advice, and advocacy to 

individuals and families who are trying to navigate disability. My genuine care and concern for the special needs community motivates me to help them achieve a better quality of life. 

" Transforming uncertainty into peace of mind. "

You may be experiencing a:

Lack of Knowledge - Unaware of available services, providers, and other resources you or your loved one need.

Lack of Support - Feeling overwhelmed, helpless and uncertain about the present and future.


Lack of Planning - No road map to navigate the challenges and obstacles associated with a disability or chronic illness.


I will be able to help you:


Be informed of the options for achieving your or a loved one's health and safety.

Identify and coordinate appropriate services and providers that promote an environment that is both safe and stable.

Design and implement a Personalized Support Plan that incorporates all the resources that provide clear direction for you and your family.



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